Jeff Bezos falls to second richest person in the world and stays there!
September 27, 2017
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To all of you who do not know, I have an internet marketing / web design background dating back to 2001!

My personal profile on Twitter for some reason which they have to this day been unable to provide a reason for got deleted!

This is an OLD lead generation training video that I provided to my lead generators from 2014! It only shows about 57k fans on there, but at the peak for the profile, there were over 70,000 fans on Twitter alone!


You can no longer find me at as a 5 year old who isn’t even allowed to be on Twitter occupies that account now :(. You can find me at @realdealdalex

I will be filing a lawsuit against Twitter soon and hope to have my old account back!

Dallas Alexander
Dallas Alexander
Dallas Alexander is a serial entrepreneur with a background spanning over two decades.